October (Web-only) 2010

Final Election Push, Plus Extra Push against Health Care ProponentsSubscriber Access Only
Activists spend millions in final push in expectation of major election results.
The Death of Pro-Life DemocratsSubscriber Access Only
Anti-abortion groups lead charge to halve their number in the House.
Insignificant Is BeautifulSubscriber Access Only
Why exactly do we want to make a difference in the world?
The Transition EPSubscriber Access Only
A Tribute to the Cathedral QuartetSubscriber Access Only
The Night the Cumberland Came AliveSubscriber Access Only
Speak NowSubscriber Access Only
I Know I've Been ChangedSubscriber Access Only
Bullying BlameSubscriber Access Only
Is it enough to say bullying gays is wrong?
HereafterSubscriber Access Only
Eastwood's film ponders the afterlife, but it seems his mind is already made up. PLUS: Discussion guide for small groups.
Q&A: Deanna FavreSubscriber Access Only
The wife of NFL quarterback Brett Favre speaks about her faith amid suffering.
What Kind of Fool / A Crooked LineSubscriber Access Only
RehabSubscriber Access Only
The UnionSubscriber Access Only
TapestrySubscriber Access Only
Come Around SundownSubscriber Access Only
Still StandingSubscriber Access Only
MoveSubscriber Access Only
This Time For AfricaSubscriber Access Only
Continent-wide runup to Capetown 2010 draws more than 58,000 to Christ.
Exodus from 'Day of Truth'Subscriber Access Only
Group says event "became more about policy than people."
Letters to Father JacobSubscriber Access Only
An old priest and a hardened convict open each other to grace in this spare, gentle story.
ConvictionSubscriber Access Only
Compelling true story becomes conventional legal drama.
I Want Your MoneySubscriber Access Only
Documentary calls for end to Obama's "socialism" and a change in Congress.
REDSubscriber Access Only
Bruce Willis fronts an impressive cast in this enjoyable light action-comedy.
Hopeless PrayerSubscriber Access Only
What the rescue of the Chilean miners didn't teach me.
VisionSubscriber Access Only
Respectful biopic with slight feminist leanings.
God Loves a Good RomanceSubscriber Access Only
Marriage is about more than feelings—but it is never less.
She Remains the SameSubscriber Access Only
Vespers: 1 & 2Subscriber Access Only
Theory of ColourSubscriber Access Only
FlagsSubscriber Access Only
The Age of AdzSubscriber Access Only
'Civility May Not Be Sexy'Subscriber Access Only
Amid a call for civility, Christians trade political jabs.
Like a Sloppy Wet KissSubscriber Access Only
While it's easy for me to criticize modern worship, I also criticize my own criticisms, based on what I observed at David Crowder's church music conference.
SecretariatSubscriber Access Only
An inspiring film about history's top racehorse—and the woman behind him. PLUS: Interview with director Randall Wallace.
Life As We Know ItSubscriber Access Only
Despite a promising premise and strong leads, this rom-com falls short.
It's Kind of a Funny StorySubscriber Access Only
A charming, surprisingly life-affirming peek at a depressed teen's stay in a psych ward.
StoneSubscriber Access Only
Unconventional prison drama with some muddled spiritual themes.
Running the RaceSubscriber Access Only
'Braveheart' writer Randall Wallace brings his faith into his work as a filmmaker, and now again as director of 'Secretariat,' opening this week.
Baile (Home)Subscriber Access Only
Echoes of the LightSubscriber Access Only
On My Way HomeSubscriber Access Only
The Story of Your LifeSubscriber Access Only
The ShelterSubscriber Access Only
John Piper v. Rick Warren PostponedSubscriber Access Only
Despite controversial invitation, Rick Warren missed the Desiring God conference due to family health incidents.
Francis Chan's Next StepsSubscriber Access Only
The 'Crazy Love' author stepped down from his church and doesn't know where he's headed.
Q&A: John Piper on 'Think'Subscriber Access Only
Also, why the high-profile pastor and author invited Rick Warren to Desiring God's national conference and how he has been spending his 8-month leave of absence.
North Korean Christians Unlikely To Fare Better Under New LeaderSubscriber Access Only
Observers doubt world's worst persecutor of Christians will shift back toward "Jerusalem of the East."
Campaigning for the Manhattan DeclarationSubscriber Access Only
Life, marriage, and religious liberty are still top priorities.
White House Grants $27 Million in Pregnancy AidSubscriber Access Only
Pro-life groups applauded the administration's move but remain skeptical over framing grants as 'common ground.'
Chaplains Under FireSubscriber Access Only
No Ordinary FamilySubscriber Access Only
'No Ordinary Family' has an extraordinary premise: love.
The Social NetworkSubscriber Access Only
The Facebook creation myth comes vividly to life in this sophisticated film.

Top Story July 4, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.