November (Web-only) 2011

Why Women Are Obsessed with PinterestSubscriber Access Only
The spirituality of the booming online "self-expression engine."
YearbookSubscriber Access Only
Awakening: Live in ChicagoSubscriber Access Only
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & the Christian ConsumerSubscriber Access Only
What a model for ethical consumption can look like.
Should Christians Take Antidepressants?Subscriber Access Only
Medication can help, but it can also hinder our reliance on Christ.
Advent: Putting the Brakes on Christmas InsanitySubscriber Access Only
The season of waiting reminds me that this world is not my home.
The MuppetsSubscriber Access Only
It's time to light the lights. 'The Muppets' is a fun, sweet, and true return to form. PLUS: The Gospel According to Jim Henson.
HugoSubscriber Access Only
Martin Scorsese's latest tells of the power and wonder of film through one boy's redemption.
Stop Turning Thanksgiving into a Facebook LikeSubscriber Access Only
Biblical gratitude is far more than an attitude.
Michele Bachmann: 'It's High Time We Have a Mother in the White House'Subscriber Access Only
Also, the GOP candidate from Minnesota tells CT about her new church.
Super Kid, Super FutureSubscriber Access Only
Joel Courtney, teen star of 'Super 8,' says his Christian faith plays a role in his roles.
Tomlin: A Worship Song MachineSubscriber Access Only
With his first greatest hits album, though he hates that term, Chris Tomlin reflects on his impact around the world.
How Great Is This Music?Subscriber Access Only
Tomlin's tunes profoundly move listeners around the world. Check out some of their stories.
GlorySubscriber Access Only
50 Words for SnowSubscriber Access Only
The Bible, Gender, and 'Dad-Mom' Debate ContinuesSubscriber Access Only
Owen Strachan offers a rejoinder to Laura Ortberg Turner's critique.
The Gospel According to Jim HensonSubscriber Access Only
As the Muppets return to the big screen, lessons learned from the late great puppeteer.
Why 'All the Single Ladies' Shouldn't Give Up on MarriageSubscriber Access Only
Frustrations with men and the institution are real, but shouldn't obscure our hope in what God is doing.
The Bible, Gender, and the 'Dad-Mom' DebateSubscriber Access Only
Laura Ortberg Turner and Owen Strachan discuss whether Scripture dictates that women work inside the home.
Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1Subscriber Access Only
The franchise everyone loves—or loves to hate—begins its conclusion. PLUS: Destiny vs. free will in 'Twilight.'
Why Every Workplace Needs Feminine BossesSubscriber Access Only
Just because I'm in a position of authority doesn't mean I should try to act like a man.
The Confidence of the EvangelicalSubscriber Access Only
Why the Spirit, not the magisterium, will lead us into all truth.
Why Teens Drift Away from Faith
Why Teens Drift Away from FaithSubscriber Access Only
It may have to do something with their marginally Christian parents.
Destiny vs. Free Will in 'Twilight'Subscriber Access Only
In Stephanie Meyer's vampires-meet-humans universe, one trumps the other.
Success, Honor, and the Legacy of Joe PaternoSubscriber Access Only
Why the world should never forget the football coach after the sex abuse scandal at Penn State.
Main StreetSubscriber Access Only
Horton Foote's farewell screenplay, out on DVD today, falls short of his usual greatness.
Hymns and Sacred SongsSubscriber Access Only
A music review for the newest CD by Christian artist Leigh Nash
In This HourSubscriber Access Only
God's Not DeadSubscriber Access Only
The Anthem of AngelsSubscriber Access Only
PatternsSubscriber Access Only
ImmortalsSubscriber Access Only
If you want a cruelly, barbarously, savagely, callously, inhumanely, pitilessly violent—and lousy—movie, here you go.
The Truth about Marriage and Happiness
The Truth about Marriage and HappinessSubscriber Access Only
And how the church can begin proclaiming that truth.
J. EdgarSubscriber Access Only
Clint Eastwood directs Leonardo DiCaprio in a muddled biopic about the controversial FBI honcho.
MelancholiaSubscriber Access Only
A woman fights depression on her wedding night as the world around her prepares for what may be a cosmic disaster.
Saving Men from Their Own Sex SlaverySubscriber Access Only
According to Daniel Walker, author of 'God in a Brothel', it's not just children who need rescuing from the global sex trade.
Why My Kids (Mostly) Don't Watch TVSubscriber Access Only
Children need to interact with creation, not just observe it.
What the Herman Cain Case Reveals about HarassmentSubscriber Access Only
How Christians can respond to sexual harassment allegations in their own communities.
Jesus Music. Again.Subscriber Access Only
Veteran singer/songwriter Bob Bennett and friends revisit some of the old classics.
Jesus Music AgainSubscriber Access Only
Shake HeavenSubscriber Access Only
The Isaacs
Why Can't WeSubscriber Access Only
WeatherSubscriber Access Only
MassSubscriber Access Only
Perfection Obsession: What It Looks Like to Accept LimitationsSubscriber Access Only
Amy Julia Becker finds perfection in her daughter's limitations in her award-winning book, 'A Good and Perfect Gift.'
Yes, We Can Learn Something from the Kardashian FiascoSubscriber Access Only
Family and friends should support the couple, not pick sides.
Democrats Receive Blowback over Outreach to Religious VotersSubscriber Access Only
Religious left groups have criticized the DNC’s choice due to Derrick Harkins’s views on abortion and same-sex marriage.
Tower HeistSubscriber Access Only
Some working stiffs try to rob a billionaire investor in this silly screwball comedy for the Occupy era.
'Sex + Money': The Domestic Side of a Global ProblemSubscriber Access Only
Young filmmakers journey cross-country to show film on sex trafficking in their own backyards.
Q & A: Timothy Goeglein on Redemption After Plagiarism Subscriber Access Only
The former aide to President George W. Bush explains ways to think theologically about repentance.
Her.meneutics' Fall Reading ListSubscriber Access Only
The books our writers are currently devouring.
Billy Graham: Death's DestinationSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from the evangelist's 'Nearing Home.'
The Thin Line between Trafficking and PornographySubscriber Access Only
Trafficking survivor Jessica Richardson talks about the connection in her own life.
Q & A: Tim Keller on 'The Meaning of Marriage'Subscriber Access Only
Why the pastor says gender roles are changing and how the church can be more effective in promoting marriage.
Standing in BabylonSubscriber Access Only
Musician and visual artist Sam Cintron's stage production compels viewers to consider faith in Jesus.
RenaissanceSubscriber Access Only
EconomySubscriber Access Only
Revelation RoadSubscriber Access Only
Search + RescueSubscriber Access Only
Adoption: A Long and Winding JourneySubscriber Access Only
Like our adoption into God's family, earthly adoption can be complex and costly.
Q & A: Katie Davis on Raising a Dozen Children at 22Subscriber Access Only
The Nashville native is feeding and caring for thousands and raising children on her own.

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