April (Web-only) 2002

Bono Tells Christians: Don't Neglect Africa
Bono Tells Christians: Don't Neglect AfricaSubscriber Access Only
He urges evangelicals to take a lead in fighting AIDS and poverty.
Bono's Burning Question
Bono's Burning QuestionSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals and U2's singer try to figure each other out.
Rookie, The
The RookieSubscriber Access Only
In The Rookie, reconciliation is even tougher work than breaking into the majors
The Gospel According to BiffSubscriber Access Only
A conversation with novelist Christopher Moore
Communicating Easter's Blood, Not BunniesSubscriber Access Only
The latest on the Burnhams, a patron saint for Harry Potter wannabes, and the expanded territory of Jabez
Five Nigerian Christian Students Die in Texas CrashSubscriber Access Only
Loads of stories about celebrating Easter in the midst of violence, scandal, terror, and chocolate
Church of the Nativity Becomes BattlegroundSubscriber Access Only
Why ransoming the Burnhams is immoral, growing interest in Jesus, and other stories from online sources around the world
Dear EditorSubscriber Access Only
A reader responds to In the Words of Charles Colson?
A G-Rated Baseball Movie that Makes Fans of EveryoneSubscriber Access Only
The critics start their Year's Best lists early, with the G-rated baseball flick The Rookie. Plus: Panic Room, Death to Smoochy, Clockstoppers, and new reviews of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and Ghost World
Billy Graham Is Deaf, But It's Reportedly TemporarySubscriber Access Only
More on Colson's CT column dispute, taking aim at JerryFalwell.com, and other stories from online sources around the world
70 Child Abuse Accusations Against Churches Each Week—and Most Are ProtestantsSubscriber Access Only
The latest on the Burnhams, who killed MLK, and many other stories from online sources around the world
National MakeoverSubscriber Access Only
Washington's struggle to sell the American image overseas illustrates how sharply today's reality differs from seventeenth-century ideals
In the Beginning Was the Holocaust?Subscriber Access Only
Blasphemy, rage, memory, and meaning of the Shoah
'The Human Side to Armageddon'Subscriber Access Only
A detailed response to accusations that Sudanese slave redemptions were faked
Who Are American Christians Siding With in the Holy Land?Subscriber Access Only
Mainliners support the Palestinians, evangelicals support Israel, and churches keep burning
Keeping Christ in Christian OrganizationsSubscriber Access Only
How do faith-based groups maintain their original focus when rapidly growing in influence, scope, and professionalism?
Conclusions Come to Kidnapped Missionaries' Stories—But Not Burnhams'Subscriber Access Only
Church of Ireland holds heresy trial for dean who wants to ignore Jesus
Big Trouble at the CineplexSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics are saying about Big Trouble, High Crimes, Van Wilder, Kissing Jessica Stein, Son of the Bride, and other movies
'All Human Cloning Is Wrong,' Says BushSubscriber Access Only
Public is 4-to-1 against all human cloning, but Senate is evenly split on comprehensive ban
Praying for PeaceSubscriber Access Only
It's easier to fight than to pray, says Peggy Noonan, but prayer is the only answer
'Hier Stehe Ich!'Subscriber Access Only
When Martin Luther stood up for his ideas at the Diet of Worms, did he really say, Here I stand?
Weblog Bonus: $300,000 Paid to Free BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
State Department supported secret ransom payment over Pentagon's objections
'Nebuchadnezzar My Slave'Subscriber Access Only
Was the Holocaust God's will?
Bush Says Passing CARE Act Is 'Urgent' as Charities StruggleSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Beliefnet's bubble pops
Stanford Accused of Discriminating Against Christian Coach ProspectSubscriber Access Only
No news is bad news at the Church of the Nativity, and other stories from online sources around the world
Darkness Looms for 'Painter of Light'Subscriber Access Only
Economic struggles and criticism smudge Thomas Kinkade's work
After Supreme Court Ruling, Ashcroft Gets Tougher on Child PornographySubscriber Access Only
Christian organizations decry decision as judicial activism
Reporter's Notebook: Trapped In Poverty and Forced MarriageSubscriber Access Only
Saira's plight prompts a journalist to reflect on truth and culture
An Ethical Fender-BenderSubscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about Changing Lanes, Frailty, The Sweetest Thing, The Other Side of the Mountain, Y Tu Mamá También, and other films.
Federal Judge Says Feds Can't Interfere With Oregon's Suicide LawSubscriber Access Only
Dobson and others want kids out of public schools, and more stories from online sources around the world
The Return of the Amnesiac PastorSubscriber Access Only
Tom DeLay on Baylor's Christianity, Sinéad O'Connor on clergy abuse, and other stories from around the world
'A Rock Band That's Good for Something'Subscriber Access Only
The author of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 talks about why politicians listen to Bono
The Profligate ProvocateurSubscriber Access Only
In the twelfth century, an intellectual challenge to church authority proved much more dangerous than a sex scandal
Close The DoorSubscriber Access Only
Now that the evangelical satire magazine isn't just satirizing evangelicalism, it's not all that funny anymore
Evangelical Support of Israel Isn't Just About PremillennialismSubscriber Access Only
Are conservative Christians upset with Bush?
A Grave in the Air, a Soul DancingSubscriber Access Only
Two remarkable collections of Holocaust testimony
1986 Abortion Protest Case Goes to Supreme Court for Second TimeSubscriber Access Only
Were Burnhams' abductors responsible for Philippine bombings? And other stories from online sources around the world
Do Evangelicals Still Go Door-to-Door?Subscriber Access Only
Successful evangelism strategies have added new components to the traditional model of home visitation.
Commandments Covering Commands CrowdSubscriber Access Only
Incubus and Green Day play in church, and other stories from online sources around the world
Iran's Golden Age of CinemaSubscriber Access Only
Critics respond to The Scorpion King, Murder by Numbers, and Crush
Paul Burnham Says Deal With Abu Sayyaf Was Made, Then BrokenSubscriber Access Only
Success for Bush's faith-based initiative, and other stories from online sources around the world
China's Christians Face Harsh New RulesSubscriber Access Only
Regional officials gain broad new controls over religious activity
Methodists Allow Gay Pastors To Keep Posts During ReviewsSubscriber Access Only
The Dove Awards, Pat Robertson's racehorses, and other stories from online sources around the world
Moving TargetsSubscriber Access Only
Evangelizing on-the-go Americans only seems harder than it used to be
A Peculiar PeopleSubscriber Access Only
The uniqueness of the Jews
Gunman Killed in Church of the Nativity CourtyardSubscriber Access Only
Fourteen Christians slain in Indonesia, two Nigerian Christians escape the death penalty, and other stories from online sources around the world
Philippine President, New Tribes Mission Speak Out On Negotiations With KidnappersSubscriber Access Only
Bush delivers a testimony, and alleged sex abuse victims accuse the Vatican of a cover-up
Twenty-Six Palestinians Leave Bethlehem ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Newsweek looks at Catholicism, National Day of Prayer, and other stories from online sources around the world.
What Would Joshua Do?Subscriber Access Only
Christian critics applaud Joshua, but mainstream viewers are shaking their heads. What might be the problem? Also: Reviews of Life or Something Like It, The Cat's Meow, Jason X, and Changing Lanes
Questionable Death Threats Made Against the BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
Fire in the Church of the Nativity and other stories from online sources around the world
Persecution Summit Takes Aim at Sudan, North KoreaSubscriber Access Only
Christian leaders issue second Statement of Conscience
The Suffering ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Increasingly, Christians are harassed, arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, fined, or killed because of their religious beliefs and practices
Expert Says Letter Condemning Brigham Young is ForgedSubscriber Access Only
Human Rights Watch accuses Indian officials of role in Gujarat violence and other stories from online sources around the world
NAE Plans Move to Washington, D.C.Subscriber Access Only
We are increasingly convinced that we can do a better job having everything here as it once was.
Christ, Culture, and HistorySubscriber Access Only
Is the main character in the church's story God, transforming faith, or an inspired yet wayward community?
Christianity Today, Sister Magazines Win 31 AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today places within the top five in eight categories
Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Dies in Hawaii SenateSubscriber Access Only
If passed, Hawaii would have joined Oregon as the only states with such laws.
Grace Meets the Real World
Grace Meets the Real WorldSubscriber Access Only
"American 'roots' music (a la the Grammy-winning O Brother, Where Art Thou?) is making a comeback for reasons Christians can readily understand."
What Do Women-Ghosts Want?
What Do Women-Ghosts Want?Subscriber Access Only
A multi-genre film explores life after death—with maddening results.
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
How one NYC couple is aiming for a maximum return on investment in their business and life.