April (Web-only) 2001

Rap's Demon-Slayer
Rap's Demon-Slayer
T-Bone brings hip-hop swagger to spiritual warfare
Left Behind: Author LaHaye Sues Left Behind Film Producers
Left Behind: Author LaHaye Sues Left Behind Film Producers
Producers didn't make the blockbuster they promised, he says
"DiIulio Keeps Explaining, But Is Anyone Listening?"
"At a media luncheon in Washington about Bush's faith-based initiatives, answered questions get asked one more time"
Holy Weeklies—Again
"What Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News are saying about the past, present, and future of Christianity."
Washington Post Covers North Korea's Persecution of Christians
"Missionaries to United Arab Emirates deported, and HarperCollins's C.S. Lewis deal."
Churches Divided Over Amsterdam's Same-Sex Weddings
April 1 midnight ceremony said to be world's first official gay wedding.
"After Much Debate, Dutch Churches Welcome Royal Engagement"
Crown prince will wed daughter of leading official in Argentina's military junta.
World Council of Churches Trying to Unite Future Easter Observances
"Organization still pushing 1997 Aleppo statement, noting that East and West will share observance again in 2004."
Netherlands Legalizes Assisted Suicide
"Americans support faith-based organizations so long as they're not religious, chapel's drain on the New York Knicks, and other stories from media around the world."
"Almost Three Years After Bishop's Death, Five Go on Trial"
Threats of violence continue as military officials stand trial in Guatemala.
"Despite Tensions, Indian Churches Agree to Talks With Hindu Groups"
"Mainline churches will join talks, but other Christians say partisan meeting is dangerous."
Pilgrimages Drop and Workers Lose Jobs as Middle East Violence Continues
"Silence fills places normally crowded with pilgrims, reports British group."
Is It Really a Good Friday?
"Bush meets with NRB leaders, Rivers is still in the spotlight, and other stories from around the world"
"Killer, Dealer, Soldiers, Spies"
"Critics in the mainstream and religious media think through April's new releases, including Along Came a Spider, Blow, Just Visiting, Pokemon 3, Spy Kids, Memento, and The Dish."
A Primer on Paul
"The History Channel uses Holy Saturday not to discuss Jesus, but the apostle who spread his message."
"Conscience, Not Violence, Must Rule Zimbabwe, Says Catholic Priest"
Oskar Wermter warns that country is drifting into civil war
Public-izing Faith
"Recent articles in Touchstone, Commonweal, and The New York Times serve as reminders that faith is not merely a private thing."
No 'Equal Access' For Religious Groups After All?
"The fallout from the latest battles over abortion, Hillary prays, and other stories from publications around the world"
War Veterans Occupy Church on Zimbabwean White-Owned Farm
"We just want to pray and leave politics alone, says evicted pastor."
Priest Horrified as Zimbabwe Politician Compared With 'Son of Man'
Incident is not the first such comparison in Zimbabwe politics
Confronting Canada's Secular Slide
Why Canadian evangelicals thrive in a culture often indifferent to religious faith.
Chicago Tribune Investigates Jesus People USA
"British rector says divorcing parents are child abusers, and other stories from media sources around the world."
Jesus' People
Lessons for living in the we decade
Conflict Divides Countercult Leaders
A 1994 Christianity Today article reports on the conflict between sociologist Ronald Enroth and JPUSA.
Australia's Leading Catholic Conservative Archbishop Gets a Promotion
Appointment of George Pell to archdiocese comes as surprise to parishioners—and to Pell himself.
"TBN's Paul Crouch Gets Involved in Politics—Zambian Politics, That Is"
"We'll be back to the Howard Stern show after this word from the Catholic archdiocese, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."
"Foot-and-Mouth Reveals 'Helplessness' of Humans, Say Dutch Churches"
"Uniting Protestant Churches back vaccination, but at least one Dutch Reformed clergyman sees God's judgment in outbreak."
Russian Prelate Urges World's Churches to Adopt Orthodox Dates for Easter
"But even on this calendrical rarity, churches will not celebrate Christ's resurrection together."
"In Southern India, Orthodox Priest Has Communist Support in State Election"
"Popular priest says he's independent despite strange bedfellows, but many Christians are wary."
Throwing Stones at a Sinner
"Does The Widow of St. Pierre depict Christlike mercy or an abhorrent offense to justice? Plus: Spy Kids makes the theater safe for the whole family, and critics respond to The Tailor of Panama, Someone Like You, Tomcats, and Series 7."
You Know Your Documentary Is Bad When Your Consultant Shreds It
"Africa's war on homosexuality, and other stories from around the world."
"Of Satanic Symbols, Donations, Numbers, and Other Things that Aren't Really Satanic"
"From rumors about Procter & Gamble to Route 666, action is being taken to quash alarm. Plus: the NCC stays silent on Sudan while Eugene Rivers says he's staying silent about everything, and other stories from around the world."
Religious Leaders Rebuke Bush Administration Over Kyoto Protocol
"Officials from the National Council of Churches, Presbyterian Church (USA), United Methodist Church, Disciples of Christ, and African Methodist Episcopal Church say U.S. must limit greenhouse gas emissions."
Leading Catholic Priest Urges Pope to Delay Controversial Visit to Greece
"Opposition reportedly growing in Orthodox Church, government"
He Is Risen!
Wandering through the mainstream media's coverage of Good Friday and Easter Sunday in search of news
"Big Numbers, Big Problems"
Christianity is in the midst of a massive global shift. But how much of a difference is it making in its new homelands?
Church Opens Injecting Room in Sydney to Help People 'Almost Out of Reach'
But is helping heroin addicts inject themselves an act of compassion or foolishness?
"Sarajevo Is 'Liberal, Multi-Cultural and Tolerant', Insists Peace Official"
But Roman Catholic charity says Bosnia-Herzegovina is developing into an Islamic state.
"After Mere Days of Protest, Yahoo Pulls Out of the Porn Biz"
"Long-term, potentially lucrative plans scuttled after uproar from users."
Did Pat Robertson Just Defend China's One-Child Policy?
"Broadcaster's comments spell the demise of the Christian Coalition, says former senior staffer. Other Christians are furious."
"Bridget Romances, Josie Rocks, Joe Cleans Up"
"Critics in the mainstream and religious media mull over Bridget Jones's Diary, Josie and the Pussycats, Kingdom Come,and Joe Dirt. Plus, critics find a moral sensibility in Amores Perros."
"We Care Enormously About the Suffering in Sudan, NCC Responds to UPI Article"
"Church crimes, Ted and Jane's break over religion, outlawing faith healing, and more stories from around the world"
Lynchings in Nigeria After Reports of Christians' Black Magic
"A marathon prayer service, America's religious past and future, and other stories from media around the world"
Book Notes
New and noteworthy releases on church history that deserve recognition.
"Turn Off Sudan's Oil Wells, Say Canadian Church Visitors"
Christian leaders say they are outraged that a Canadian oil company is paying huge royalties to Sudanese government.
Pope Urges New Effort To Curb 'Sects' in Latin America
"Pontiff alludes to Protestants as serious problem, calls for resolute pastoral action in reevangelization."
"Missionaries Shot Down in Peru, Mother and Infant Killed"
Pat Robertson's China statement may be invoked in discrimination case against Christian Coalition.
Zimbabwe Christians 'Outraged' at Police Role in Student's Death
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace calls for peace as students demonstrate over low grants.
"Jews and Christians Battle It Out in Politics, Sports, Schools, and Media"
"Persecution in China, Star Wars religion, and other stories from media sources around the world."
Inquiry Calls for 'Vigilance' to Prevent Child Abuse
"British recommendations want police check on all clergy, dismissal of offenders."
Russian Church Objects to New Ecumenical Charter for Europe's Churches
Official concerned about commitment to work toward visible unity of the Church of Jesus Christ in the one faith
Crosswalk.com and Christianity.com Unite
"More on the disputes between Christians and Jews, and other stories from around the world."
Jesus' Remains Found in Israel
"Will a new film about a controversial archaeological find cause a ruckus in the real world, or just go away? Also this week: Critics respond to The Visit, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, Kingdom Come, and the worst-reviewed film of the last decade: Fredd"
Christmas Lives in Cincinnati
"Extremely intolerant Unitarians, God's singing vegetable, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."
Raze Wins Two Dove Awards Despite Rape Charges Against Member
"In the Church of Norway, most pastors don't pray—at least not every day."
Mutiny and Redemption
The rarely told story of new life after the destruction of the H.M.S. Bounty.
Contact the Ambassador of Pakistan
A sample letter to send in response to reports of rape and forced marriage of Christian women.
Rantings of a Not-So-Primly Dressed Person With Too Much Time
The Chronicle of Higher Education infuses some not-so-subtle bigotry into its fetal-tissue research coverage
Criminal Justice and Injustice
"On issues from Timothy McVeigh's execution to prison rape, Christians are making their voices heard."
Religious Leaders Condemn Sentences in Two High-Profile Crimes
"Catholics, Episcopalians scrutinize execution of Timothy McVeigh, life imprisonment of Lionel Tate."
Supreme Court Won't Hear Two Religious Freedom Cases
"Move over Holy Land Experience, here comes Messiahville"
Guilty Verdict in 1963 Church Bombing Case
"Another patron saint of the Internet, exorcising genocide, and other stories from around the world."
Peru's Churches Want Inquiry into Why Missionary Plane Was Shot Down
"Christian leaders lament absurd, excessive use of force that killed Roni Bowers and her infant daughter."
Dogs Eat Dog
"Critics in the mainstream and religious media consider the juxtaposition of human violence with canine cruelty in the film Amores Perros. Also: reviews of Driven, Town and Country, One Night at McCool's, and The Claim."
"Religious Persecution Increasing Worldwide, Says U.S."
Is anti-bully bill really designed to silence condemnation of homosexual practice? And many more stories from mainstream media around the world.
Leon Sullivan Dies at 78
Baptist minister led U.S. efforts to hold corporations responsible for investing in South African apartheid
Is It All In Your Head?
"Newsweek's look at Neurotheology. Plus: God is an abortionist ads rejected, Dyan Cannon's faith and faith healing, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."
If My People Will Pray
"The U.S. National Day of Prayer Turns 50, but its origins are much older."
"After Months of Bitter Argument, Harare Has a New Anglican Bishop"
"Allegations of racism, slander, and deception hang over consecration in troubled Zimbabwe"

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‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
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