September (Web-only) 2001

Active Christian on Flight 93 Hailed as a HeroSubscriber Access Only
Wheaton College graduate and others figured out how to do extraordinary things aboard United plane.
Shock Waves Tear Through a Shock-Value IndustrySubscriber Access Only
How can we think of movies at a time like this?
Volunteers Bring Glad Tidings to Ground ZeroSubscriber Access Only
Church located 2.5 miles from World Trade Center feels God has used [us] because of where we are.
Cinema Verities
Cinema VeritiesSubscriber Access Only
Even when they're writing fiction, these Hollywood insiders bring the truth to bear
Reel School for Real Christians
Reel School for Real ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Act One prepares Christian screenwriters to write Hollywood blockbusters
"Where I Minister, Grace Abounds Over Sin"Subscriber Access Only
"At Ground Zero, a New York pastor strives to be a symbol that God is present and available."
"Weblog: After Devil Manifestations, Crosses Appear at the World Trade Center Site"Subscriber Access Only
"re:generation quarterly's special issue, Amy Grant's Christmas tour, and CWA's new president."
Myths of the TalibanSubscriber Access Only
Misinformation and disinformation abounds. What do we know?
"Day of Terror, Day of Grace"Subscriber Access Only
"In the wake of fatal attacks killing thousands, Christians steer America toward prayer, service, and reconciliation."
Terror in PakistanSubscriber Access Only
"Christians are under attack, but it may get a lot worse if America attacks Afghanistan."
Judgment DaySubscriber Access Only
God promised that calamity would follow disobedience. So why are we quick to dismiss it as a reason for the September 11 attacks?
The Hard-Won Lessons of Terror and PersecutionSubscriber Access Only
Overseas Christians reflect on painful experiences
Are Christians Really Enthralled With Pacifism and Prophecy?Subscriber Access Only
American believers reportedly have problems making sense of September 11.
"Weblog: Renewed Hope for Faith-Based Initiative, School Vouchers"Subscriber Access Only
"The Pope visits the world's oldest Christian nation, PBS's Evolution gets slammed, and other stories from around the world."
Gordon-Conwell Grad Nominated to Complete Administration's Religious Liberty TeamSubscriber Access Only
Hanford pledges to bring a balanced approach and a passion for religious freedom.
New Tribes Missionaries Kidnapped in 1993 Declared DeadSubscriber Access Only
Mission concludes Colombian guerrillas shot the three men in 1996
Activists well acquainted with terrorSubscriber Access Only
Jerusalem Women Speak tour gains relevance for audience members struggling with new fears.
Prayer After 9.11.01Subscriber Access Only
"The author of The Prayer of Jabez says now, more than ever, we need to seek God's power."
"Weblog: Religion Up, Church Attendance Not"Subscriber Access Only
"The Shelter Now trial goes back to court, reporters judge the Pope's health up close, and other stories from around the world."
Megiddo and Other Make-Believe DisastersSubscriber Access Only
September 11 has spoiled America's appetite for on-screen destruction
'He Does Not War'Subscriber Access Only
"In the Anabaptist tradition, a Christian must never fight back."
"Churches, Charities Encourage Taxpayers to Give Caesar's Rebate to Godly Causes"Subscriber Access Only
Christians urged to consider donating to areas they wish received more government funding.
TV Is About to Get WorseSubscriber Access Only
"Updating the gospel to show its relevance, and the amazing but tragic tale of a boy saved by the Bible."
Taliban Judge Says Christian Workers May Be HangedSubscriber Access Only
"Jews for Jesus accused of poaching Curious George, and other stories from media sources around the world"
"Sleepless and 'Terrified', Orphans, Staff Dare to Hope Truce Will Hold"Subscriber Access Only
"After three days of fighting in Beit Jala, the Israeli army withdraws but warns it may return."
"O Shakespeare, Where Art Thy Morals?"Subscriber Access Only
"What Christian and mainstream critics are saying about the Othello adaptation O, Jeepers Creepers, and other current movies."
Mother Teresa Received Exorcism. Or Something.Subscriber Access Only
"Christianity's dying influence in Britain is suddenly news, the Holy Land Experience gets attacked again, and other stories from around the world."
"Taliban Trial Continues, But Christian Aid in Afghanistan Won't"Subscriber Access Only
"The gospel of Elvis, threatening to bring down the Salvation Army, and other stories from media around the world."
Where Does the Faith-Based Initiative Stand?Subscriber Access Only
"Observers look to Bush support, discussion, and the hiring exemption as keys to Charitable Choice legislation"
Raiders of the Lost RSubscriber Access Only
"Documentary on School skips religious history, giving a skewed account of American education."
"Books & Culture Corner: More Sex, Fewer Children"Subscriber Access Only
"Mixed messages on condoms, contraception, and fertility"
"Weblog: Time says T.D. Jakes Is America's Best Preacher, But Not 'America's Preacher'"Subscriber Access Only
"Hundreds die in Nigerian religious riots, and the Taliban's persecution of Christians escalates."
Can Any Good Thing Come Out of Hollywood?Subscriber Access Only
An interview with producer Ken Wales
Are Pentecostals Sex-Crazed?Subscriber Access Only
"John Steinbeck and Robert Duvall have portrayed them that way, and such criticism even came from inside the movement. But was it ever warranted?"
"Nation's Religious Leaders Urge Calm, Pray for Peace"Subscriber Access Only
Churches will maintain prayer vigils for victims and leaders
Church Leaders Around World Deplore 'Unspeakable Horror' of AttackSubscriber Access Only
Christians urged to unite in prayer as they unite in shock and denunciation.
Experts Say Spiritual Roots Will Aid in Coping With CatastropheSubscriber Access Only
"Pray and connect with others, advise nation's chaplains"
God's Message in the Language of EventsSubscriber Access Only
"In the face of evil, we must focus on keeping our hearts right"
Fear and HateSubscriber Access Only
"In times like this, as in all other times, Christians have a responsibility to love above all else."
In the Belly of the BeastSubscriber Access Only
"Christians, calling terrorist attack satanically brilliant, minister at epicenter of World Trade disaster"
"Weblog: Prayer, Pain, and Prophecies Follow Attacks"Subscriber Access Only
Mainstream and Christian media note the religious fallout of yesterday's horrific events
"Churches, Agencies Respond to Attacks"Subscriber Access Only
"Leaders call for prayer, justice, and mercy"
Muslims Fear a BacklashSubscriber Access Only
"No matter who is responsible, observers feel a reaction will still be present."
A Wake-Up Call to Become Global ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
"The deadly attacks on America will provoke many responses, but Christians are commanded to love our neighbors."
Christians Provide Comfort in the Shadow of CalamitySubscriber Access Only
"Still stunned and reeling, New Yorkers seek support at prayer service"
Will Attacks Bring Revival?Subscriber Access Only
World kneels in prayer—and asks hard questions about plans of God and man
Shaken Christians Turn to PrayerSubscriber Access Only
"Impromptu services usher in the bereaved by word of mouth, road signs, and e-mail"
Illinois Pastor on Fatal FlightSubscriber Access Only
"Jeffrey Mladenik, 43, was involved in workplace ministry, international adoption."
Communication Troubles Challenge U.S. Church Relief AgenciesSubscriber Access Only
"Aid work continues amid atmosphere of shock, fear, and sporatic harrassment."
When Sin ReignsSubscriber Access Only
An event like this shows us what humans are capable of becoming—both as children of darkness and of light
Taking It PersonallySubscriber Access Only
What do we do with all this anger
"Weblog: As the World Prays, Falwell and Robertson Blame ACLU, Gays, and Others for 'Deserved' Attack"Subscriber Access Only
Has America provoked God to remove his hand of protection from the land?
'Is That Thunder?'Subscriber Access Only
"With metal cracking at the World Trade Center, New York pastors cry out to God."
Summer's Last Action Hero ... The MusketeerSubscriber Access Only
"Critics muse over a swashbuckler, a headbanger, and a summer that had very few cinematic highlights. But this fall's movie lineup holds promising possibilities"
The House That Jack BuiltSubscriber Access Only
C.S. Lewis and six of his literary friends open their doors to students and researchers at Wheaton College's impressive new Wade Center facility
Weblog Bonus: 500+ Killed in Muslim-Christian RiotsSubscriber Access Only
"RU-486 apparently claims adult victim, Moscow's war on Salvation Army continues, changes afoot for politics in the pulpit, and other important stories from around the world"
Churches Meet Needs at Ground ZeroSubscriber Access Only
"Brooklyn pastors and parishioners thank God for survival, but help victims and families cope."
America on the OffensiveSubscriber Access Only
The world joins in prayer—and in attacking Jerry Falwell.
The Imagination of DisasterSubscriber Access Only
We thought we were invulnerable. Really?
Church Mourns 'Father Frank'Subscriber Access Only
Fond memories comfort those who knew retired priest killed in World Trade Center attack.
"With Grief and Anger, the U.S. Mourns its Losses"Subscriber Access Only
A week of official services and impromptu demonstrations follows shocking attacks.
Give Me Shelter (Now Workers)Subscriber Access Only
"The devil appears again in the Trade Center smoke, Falwell tries another apology, and bin Laden's Abu Sayaaf connection."
Orthodox Church Near Ground Zero Hopes to Rise AgainSubscriber Access Only
"Members hope to rebuild 169-year-old structure, which stood only 500 feet from the World Trade Center"
Fire Department Chaplain Dies in the Line of DutySubscriber Access Only
Father Mike is remembered for compassion and always being first on the scene.
The End of the World (Trade Center)Subscriber Access Only
Dispatches from out of the dust
Attack Brings Out the Best and Worst of Public ReligionSubscriber Access Only
"As the White House promises to stop referring to the crusades, America and Canada examines the proper place of faith"
Was September 11 the Beginning of the End?Subscriber Access Only
Observers say geography and gravity of attacks have led to little prophecy speculation.
"Peace, Peace, But There Is No Peace"Subscriber Access Only
Pacifism and just-war theory get conflated. Plus: one of Osama bin Laden's earlier American victims turns another year older
Now What?Subscriber Access Only
A Christian response to religious terrorism.
How Peaceful Is Islam?Subscriber Access Only
"Calvin College closes for threat, Christian film dropped from theaters, and more stories from media around the world"

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