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Special Issue: The Eternal King Arrives
The Eternal King Arrives
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About This Issue
Over the 4 weeks of Advent, this devotional guide will look at the themes of Jesus' prophetic inauguration, God's plan for redemption, and the Eternal King's arrival into the world as a human through signs and wonders.
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The Good News About Our Bad News
Sometimes, suffering can’t be spiritualized
A Universe-Sized Love
The thrill of hope that emerges in our hearts at Advent
How to Behold the Glory
We are continually becoming what we behold
We Forget We Belong to God
The healing balm of finding our true identity
The Goodness of Growing Smaller
How to trust God in a season of decrease
True Hope Cannot Be Manufactured
What happens when we embrace the limits of our strength?
Flutters of the Firstborn of Creation
How we love even what we don’t yet see
The Suspense of Mary’s Yes
How a courageous response echoes through eternity
Why Joseph Is Known as the Silent Saint
How to listen for God’s leading when things seem to go wrong
The Contrast Between Two Miraculous Mothers
How Mary and Elizabeth exalt God through their mutual joy
From Egypt, Into Eternity
The plight of Mary and Joseph echoes through generations
Out of Darkness, Light
The light of the world came to confront our sin
A Symphony of Salvation
An angelic celebration that is a foretaste of what’s to come
God’s Astonishing Announcement Scheme
A different view of a glorious arrival
There Is a Light That Changes Everything
The real gift of Christmas
What Made This ‘Epiphany’ Stand Out?
The unique revelation of Advent for all people
Advent for Grieving Hearts
The hope of union that helps us persevere today